Save the Sea® - 4/6 Bamboo Straws Set + Cleaning Brush + Cloth Pouch

Save the Sea® - 4/6 Bamboo Straws Set + Cleaning Brush + Cloth Pouch

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  • Size: 7" or 9"
  • Sold as 2 piece set + cleaning brush + all-natural cloth pouch
  • Ethically made with NO glues or lacquers
  • Craftsmanship quality and care  

    🐢CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT? Forget about single-use plastic products that kill our sea life, pollute our beaches and oceans. Whether it's straw, bamboo or steel, anything reusable is better than another single-use plastic straw destroying our beaches or seas.

    🐢IS BAMBOO THE TOP CHOICE? The Save the Sea® bamboo straws are 100% biodegradable and have weird dyes and NO inks. Our bamboo straws are ethically manufactured and grown from 100% sustainable forestry. Also bamboo doesn't transfer heat, like steel and glass do so extreme heat or cold won't burn or freeze your lips.

    🐢READY TO MAKE THE CHANGE? Our Save the Sea® top selling eco-ware product is sold in a beautiful set of 2 straws with an ecologically sound cleaning brush.




    🐢OUR PROMISE! Save the Sea® was founded in California under the premise to educate the consumers and raise ocean conservatory awareness. We believe in "conscious capitalism", but a portion of our net profits go towards these non-profits: