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Effervescent Multi Purpose Cleaning Tablets

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 Blue Effervescent Multifunctional Cleaning Tablets

Save the Planet! Say "YES!" to Tablets!

We all know that single-use plastic is destroying our oceans, help save the sea and our environment by using either your own or our reusable bottle with our non-toxic effervescent cleaning tablets. You'll never have to buy another bottle of cleaner again, just drop the tablet in and start cleaning! Save the sea, time and money!

🌊 Features: It cleans almost any surface instantly cutting through dirt, rust, grime and gunk. In it's wake it will leave behind a beautiful clean surface with a fresh, ocean air smell. It'll kill bacteria as well and save you time and money that traditional cleaning sprays require and won't clog our seas with empty bottles.

  • Use on Any Surface - From grimy stove tops, to finger stained window this cleaner does it all.
  • Antimicrobial - Slows down the growth of harmful bacteria
  • Effectiveness - Instantly in contact with water, aerobic laundry, low foaming and easy to rinse.
  • Non-toxic - No fluorescent agents, 
  • Environmentally Sound - Do away with single use plastic and use our reusable bottle and tablets
  • Economically Sound - Did you know most store bought cleaners cost goes into the bottle. Save money in the long run by reusing bottle and using our Save the Sea Effervescent Multi-Surface Cleaning Tablets


Save Money

Save Space
Save Earth

🌊OUR PROMISE! Save the Sea® was founded in California under the premise to educate the consumers and raise ocean conservatory awareness. We believe in "conscious capitalism", but a portion of our net profits go towards these non-profits: